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  • Global Sustainability is a new Open Access journal dedicated to supporting the rapidly expanding area of global sustainability research.

    Without profound societal transformations, humanity risks destabilising the Earth system. In the last decade, the research field of global sustainability science has expanded rapidly to explore human social and economic pressure on the whole Earth system. This journal will explore global sustainability, planetary and societal resilience, and solutions for societal transformations.

    Global Sustainability will publish interdisciplinary original research, reviews and commentaries addressing how human activities interact with Earth system dynamics. It will invite work on sustainable pathways, evolution and resilience in the Anthropocene.

    • Resilience Frontiers 2017

      From the 20th – 23rd August, Stockholm became the capital of Global Sustainability as it hosted more than 1000 experts from around the world at Resilience 2017, an international science conference on Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability. This was the fourth of the triennial conference series, organized in partnership with the Resilience Alliance since 2008, […]

    • Data: Are we sustainable yet?

      Is my country sustainable? Many citizens may be asking themselves this question as the work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals continues in 2017. The sad answer is that for many aspects of sustainability we are not able to come with an answer that is as robust as we would like; in particular when it […]

    • Bert de Vries

      Striking a balance between development and sustainability

      Since the notion of Sustainable Development has become widespread with the publication of the UN Commission on Environment and Development in 1986, there has been the tension between the aspiration to develop on the one hand and to stay within ‘planetary boundaries’ on the other. Development often implies economic growth in order to satisfy basic […]

    • Johan Rockström

      New journal to sate hunger for knowledge on humanity’s future

      We are at a remarkable point in human development. Until now, the perception of sustainability has primarily focused on environmental protection, morality and efficiency. In 2015, there are strong signs the world may have crossed a social tipping point where the focus of sustainability as shifted towards innovation, prosperity and equity. With the adoption of […]

  • In the face of profound change at a global scale we need to think differently, act differently and do science differently.

    Author's imageJohan RockströmEditor-in-Chief

    Developing sustainably is the only responsible strategy. This journal will house the broad and integrated research base that is an indispensable part of this challenge.

    Author's imageBert de VriesDeputy Editor