Vacancy: Social Media Editors for Global Sustainability

Person specification

We are looking for Social Media Editors for Global Sustainability, an interdisciplinary Open Access journal. Each SME will receive a £500pa honorarium and a place on the Editorial Board of this exciting new initiative.

  • The role will be shared between two people, ideally a scientist and a social scientist.
  • Each person must have a demonstrable broad interest in and engagement with sustainability research.
  • We are looking for applicants of post-grad student, post-doc researcher, or more senior level.
  • Each person must have a demonstrable understanding of and engagement with social media – e.g. personal Twitter account and/or blog.


Job description

Between the two Social Media Editors, they must:

  • maintain the blog by commissioning two posts per month. From time to time the Social Media Editors may be required to write blog posts themselves but the majority should be commissioned from Editorial Board members or authors of interesting papers.
  • maintain the Twitter account by tweeting a minimum of twice week to publicise blog posts, newly published articles, or relevant activities of the Editorial Board members. This will also involve retweeting relevant accounts or discussions and responding to followers.
  • act as ambassadors for the journal.
  • moderate the comments section of the blog.
  • attend one Editorial Board meeting per year.


The purpose of these activities is to:

  • Develop a persona/identity for the journal in social media.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the journal.
  • Drive website traffic, article reads and submissions.
  • Make the journal a key information feed/hub about topics/developments in sustainability.

Please contact to apply or to ask for more information. If applying please send a short CV with demonstrable proof of engagement with social media. We will accept all applications until the end of February and communicate our decision after the 10th of March 2017.

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